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Do you struggle to make your business branding look professional?

Have you "gone rogue" on Canva choosing a million different templates, fonts and colours each week?

Are you failing to put out a consistent visual message on your website and social media?


In this masterclass, I'm going to show you how to create great branding and visuals for your business so your website and social media feeds look polished, professional and recognisable.


In this "Master Your Business Branding" VBook I share my tips and tricks to creating a consistent visual branding story that will help attract your ideal clients, raise the perceived value of your brand and make your brand memorable.


The masterclass is delivered as an online digital VBook made up of video and written content in which you'll get access to

* Two hours worth of content

* Easy to follow step by step instructions

* Bite-sized videos that you can study in your own time

* Tutorials on Canva including colour palettes, fonts and logos

* A done for you branding story template to personalise

* Access to some of my favourite free resources


You'll learn

* How to make an inspiration board for your branding

* How to create a concise and cohesive colour palette

* How to choose fonts that harmonise together

* How to design a logo on Canva using a template

* How to put everything together to create a consistent visual message in your business


This is suitable for any small business owner who:

* Is looking to create a logo

* Wants to expand upon an existing logo

* Wants to revamp their branding


This is not suitable for small business owners that are 100% happy with their business branding, feel their brand is polished, perfect and memorable or those who feel they consistently put out professional visuals for their brand and are instantly recognisable to their ideal customers. If that's you then you're already smashing it woohoo!


If that's not you but you wish it was then what are you waiting for? Let's create the branding your small business deserves.



Master Your Business Branding - VBook Masterclass

  • Once purchased you will get access to a downloadable file delivered in PDF format with details of how to access the masterclass. You will need an internet connection to access the VBook content. As this is an instant download and yu will get instant access to the content there will be no refunds given.

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